Man it finally happened, you scored that hot date from the girl you have been wanting to ask out for a while, or perhaps you just finally decided to take your wife on a fancy night out for a special occasion. Either way, it’s time for some male grooming.

Men and Nails

So what do you think of when you have to groom? Get haircut, trim the beard, maybe take care of those nose hairs...but did you think about how your nails look? And no we aren’t talking about a quick trim or washing your hands and calling it a day. I’m talking about really getting rid of the dirt and grim that creeps under those suckers, or maybe a quick trim works fine except you left some pointy edges and you end up poking your date in a way you didn’t plan to. (See our “how to file your nails” blog here)

Men and Nails
You could dress to the nines and buy a new suit all day long but if there’s something about women, it’s that they have an impeccable sense of details. You may have a nice smile but she will notice that dirt under your nails, then her mind will be racing if you’re a slob or not.

Hey don’t believe us, it’s actual science! According to research, a mother and daughter sat down and looked at the physical appearance of men. And you can guess they chose the men who were attractive more desirable, BUT they also linked men who looked nicer and were more well kept as having more positive character traits.

So bottom line men, take care of your appearance, use your men and nail kit, and you will practically be pushing the ladies away. Even if you have a lady in your life, trust me, she will appreciate the effort and reward you “handsomely”


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