It happened AGAIN. Your girlfriend yelled at you for poking her with those little swords on your feet and you look down at your hands and you feel like you’re carrying around little weapons. It’s about time to cut those nails!


Cutting your nails can be such a hassle. Sometimes you don’t cut them short enough or perhaps you went overboard and have to live with nubby fingers for a week or two. Maybe you cut them but they are STILL sharp because you have no idea how to “file” those things down.


Well that’s not a problem with the Men And Nail kit! We give you everything you need to control those mangy claws and keep your lady safe from an accidental jabbing.

So where do you even start? First start with clean nails and hands and your men and nails nail clippers. Trim the “free edges” or the white part of your nails as short of long as you like. You can straight across to your desired length and then cut each side to round the nail or start on the edge and slowly make your way around. Whichever you prefer. Be careful not to cut to close to your fingers! Pro tip: small clips at a time can help you control your nail trimming and give you the best results without any problems.
To go a step further, use your men and nails nail file to file out the rough or harsh edges of your nails from the clippers. All you have to do it rub it across the hard edges of your nails. That’s it! These will ensure the best results.
The same process goes for fingers and toes. 

With these easy steps, you will never have to worry about looking like Edwards scissor hands again!