Our Mission


As the Founder of Men and Nails, Sunny is passionate about providing the modern gentleman with top-quality nail care products. With a clear mission in mind, he assembled a team to create the highest quality tools, leaving no room for compromise.

Sunny believes that taking care of one's nails is a simple pleasure that every gentleman should be able to enjoy. He understands the importance of having a lavish grooming kit that makes nail care both efficient and enjoyable. With this philosophy in mind, he has created products that provide a luxurious experience without sacrificing functionality. At Men and Nails, we are committed to providing the best possible nail care products for the modern gentleman, and we owe it all to Sunny's passion and dedication to his mission.

Men and Nails exists to modernize nail care.

The modern gentleman strives towards becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise. We specialize in the luxurious, high-quality tools that you need to take care of your nails. Our founder has over 7 years of experience as a licensed nail technician and he has carefully crafted a comprehensive luxury grooming kit with 16 pieces of 100% Stainless Steel High-Quality Tools in a leather carrying case that comes in one of three colors.

​Men and Nails is launching with our signature product and we have plans to continue to create more products in the near future.


First Step

Soak your hands in warm water to soften your nails and cuticles for an easy cut.

Second Step

Use the small nail clipper to cut your fingernail from one side to another.

Third Step

Use the metal file or emory board to file your nail edges. Make sure your nails match up with the U-Shape of your cuticle. 

Fourth Step

Use the cuticle stick to slightly push your cuticles back.

Fifth Step

Only trim your hang nails. Use the cuticle nipper to trim hangnails that are sticking out.

Last Step

We don't do this enough, but moisturize your hands with any lotion of your choice.